Matchmaking on Wheels

Does anyone go on blind dates anymore? I think the 2018 version of a blind date is when you connect with someone on one of the myriad online dating sites, you speak, you email and when you go to meet the person is unrecognizable from the picture that attracted you to them in the first place. You see – a 2018 blind date!


Have you tried every dating site? Sick of JDate? Disgusted with Coffee and Bagels? Can’t find your soulmate on Match?  Been scammed too many times on OKCupid? I feel your pain! It really doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman – we are all suffering from dating PTSD.  Boy, do we have dating war stories to tell and plenty of battle scars! So how do we meet our Mister or Miss Right? 


Everyone always tells me to do things I love – that is how I will meet my Mr. Right. OK. Let’s see what I like to do. I love Pilates. I go three times a week.  Nope, he is not there amongst all the spandex-clad women.  I love to read; am never without my Kindle. Nope, looked inside the cover, he’s not there.  I love to see theater, concerts, dance and eat dinner out … and yes, I see many men but they all seem to be with dates or on the wrong team for me.


I actually love working. Raising awareness and funds for the incredible ALYN Hospital in Jerusalem is a passion of mine.  Telling people about Israel’s best and most comprehensive place for physically disabled children to meet the life challenges they face is a joy.  I meet so many people but when it is for work I don’t have my “Looking for Mr. Right Karma” on. And when one is a fundraiser, there are lines I can’t cross.


But I do think there is something to the idea of meeting someone doing something you love.  What do you love? If it is cycling and you also love visiting Israel or have been postponing making your first trip there and you also love doing a mitzvah then have I got a deal for you.  Turn up the volume in your head and play the iconic song from Fiddler on the Roof “Matchmaker, Matchmaker” while you read about what I have up my sleeve …


Imagine going to Israel at the most perfect time of year … late October … not too hot, not too cold and almost no chance of rain.  Pack your bike up or rent one when you get there and join us on the most incredible 5-day charity bike ride in Israel, October 28th to November 1st. Enjoy 5 days of fully-supported on-road cycling over mind-blowing routes.  We handle all the logistics, all the food (we are proudly the only charity bike ride where people gain weight), hotels, security, medical and more are provided. Welcome to the 19th annual WHEELS OF LOVE;


Join us for our first ever Singles Route. We have spots for only 30 very special singles …15 men and 15 women; aged 30 to 45.  You will ride with the entire WHEELS OF LOVE family which is 350 people from over 12 countries and then enjoy specially designed après-ride activities with only the Singles – Israeli dancing, wine and cheese tasting, a cooking class and wait for a surprise or two.  Don’t despair if your bashert (inevitable match) isn’t among the fabulous 30 singles because I guarantee that our other riders are all potential matchmakers.  I’m very sure you will hear at least once a day “I know the perfect person for you. From my shul. From my yoga class. From my spinning class … “


So why hesitate? You’ve tried everything else.  Grab one of these coveted spots.  If you do find your perfect match and we hear wedding bells ringing … well … wait till you see the wedding gift the Friends of ALYN Hospital has for you!

We are honored to be one of Charity Navigator's 3 star charities. Due to changes in the government’s 990 annual tax return for charities and Charity Navigator’s totally revamped rating system, more than 2,100 of the 8,000 organizations evaluated by Charity Navigator, or 27 percent, saw their ratings change as we did. Our rating is now 3 stars, however, it is very important for our donors to know what we earned a total score of 89.11; receiving a 84.60 out of 100 for financial health and a very important 100 out of 100 for Accountability and Transparency.

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