Continuing Our Education

Last week, Deborah and I were fortunate enough to travel to Israel and deepen our ALYN bond by gaining some more in-depth knowledge of the hospital and the amazing work done there. Our schedule maximized every moment we had and the ALYN team made sure were exposed to all areas of the hospital in a very short time.


Touring the hospital and meeting with several department directors reaffirmed the concept that the health and development of the children is always the priority. Families are an inseparable part of the holistic treatment offered at ALYN. While the approach is cutting-edge, ALYN maintains realistic hopes with the ultimate goal is a child’s participation in their communities.


ALYN’s exceptional medical facilities and staff maintain their position at the forefront of using technology for rehabilitation. The in-depth knowledge of each area in the hospital is evidence of the involvement of ALYN in universal policymaking and advocacy for children with disabilities and their families.


With this in mind, we are grateful for our partners at ALYN for giving us tools and guidance to maintain and grow the loving support for the hospital.


Wishing everyone a happy, relaxing, and healthy summer.


With gratitude,


Maayan Aviv

Executive Director

American Friends of ALYN Hospital

We are honored to be one of Charity Navigator's 3 star charities. Due to changes in the government’s 990 annual tax return for charities and Charity Navigator’s totally revamped rating system, more than 2,100 of the 8,000 organizations evaluated by Charity Navigator, or 27 percent, saw their ratings change as we did. Our rating is now 3 stars, however, it is very important for our donors to know what we earned a total score of 89.11; receiving a 84.60 out of 100 for financial health and a very important 100 out of 100 for Accountability and Transparency.

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