April Newsletter

Yuval’s Rehabilitation and Recovery: Hope & Hard Work

Yuval first began experiencing intense pain in her leg and then her muscles locked up. When various doctors were unable to develop a diagnosis, Yuval was referred to ALYN Hospital for rehabilitation therapy. After a year of extensive occupational and physical therapy, Yuval is making great progress and is hopeful about returning to her active, 11-year-old life. READ MORE.

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PELE UPDATE: Adapted Tricycle Handlebar Grip

Many of the requests that come to PELE are for children who do not have fingers or a hand and who wish to be able to do the same activities as other children their age, such as riding a tricycle. The ALYN team at PELE recently created a solution for a child to do just that! READ MORE

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A springtime highlight at ALYN Hospital is the mock Pesach seder, complete with singing, holiday foods and arts & crafts projects for the holiday. The children enjoy themselves so much that they don’t even realize it is also part of their rehabilitation therapy! READ MORE

Yinon Pessach 2021

COACH’S CORNER: Drills with Coach Erez

Cycling isn’t just about going out on the road and pedaling for miles. In order to become a better cyclist, it is important to both give yourself some challenging warm-up drills as well as to work on specific skills. In this month’s Coach’s Corner, Coach Erez details a warm-up drill and a hill-climbing drill for you to practice. READ MORE.

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Did your child/grandchild (or even you!) participate in the Mitzvah of Love program for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah? We are planning to highlight some of our young stars and show where they are today and what the connection to ALYN meant to them then, and now. If you are connected to any of our past Mitzvah of Love participants, please reach out to us at the office to let us know: friends@alynus.org. Thank you!

For more information on the Mitzvah of Love program, please visit:

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