Sunday, July 30th, AFAH hosted its 3rd annual US Wheels of Love (WOL) ride. This year it was held in the Hudson Valley.  The day couldn’t have been more meant-to-be!  After so many rainy Sundays, the skies were completely clear.  Cyclists, volunteers and family came together for a beautiful day to see friends, to ride the scenic paths of the area and to support ALYN Hospital.

Before everyone pushed off at the start, Jeff Blye, a long-time rider, shared memories and pictures of Joel Chefitz z”l.  Joel, a devoted Challenge rider for many years, found inspiration from the Swift and the Bold team of ALYN patients who practice year-round and who join the last day of every WOL ride in Israel. Adam Schwartz, AFAH’s new executive director, introduced by Joanne Blye, thanked everyone for being there and explained the importance of ALYN Hospital.

Veteran riders brought friends and family for their first Wheels of Love ride.  A few new riders showed up and registered that morning.  One solo rider (at the first rest stop) was so impressed with the ALYN cause that he joined on the spot and rode with the group for the rest of the day.   DreamRides (the logistics team) again planned wonderful, scenic routes; a 35-mile route, and two 60-mile routes – one with a strenuous mountain climb and one without.

A special thank you to veteran rider, Jeremy Merrin, owner of Havana Central and Houston Hall restaurants in New York and New Jersey, who helped coordinate the donations of everyone’s favorite foods through his many vendors.

Thank you to PepsiHerr’s and Skratch Labs, for the generous donations of drinks, chips and bars that were available throughout the ride and Sammy’s in Scarsdale for donating the morning bagels and smear and Pomona Pizza (near Monsey) for delivering the delicious pizza and salads to the finish line.

AFAH’s one-day US Wheels of Love rides began in the spring of 2021 to achieve multiple goals: raise awareness and funds for ALYN Hospital, introduce new cyclists to our Wheels of Love family, and, most importantly, bring our community together for a cause that is near and dear to all our hearts – supporting ALYN’s life-changing work!

Thank you to all our participants, volunteers and staff!

Join us in Israel for Wheels of Love '23 October 23 - 26

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