Hike to Heal

Hiking in the picturesque Israeli desert. Raising funds for the children of ALYN. Meeting the doctors and staff of ALYN to learn about their innovative approach to rehabilitating children from all over the world. Win. Win. Win. The 2023 Heels of Love Hike has the ingredients for a meaningful and memorable experience.

Plans are underway for the Heels of Love hike scheduled for February 28- March 2, 2023 in the Negev. This year we will bond while benefiting ALYN as we ascend and descend the trails of the desert. Hikers can choose to participate for two or three days on either the more challenging hikes (up to 20km/day with a significant amount of climbing) or in the moderate group (10-15 km/day with less climbing and technical paths.) Both groups will come together at the Maktesh Ramon Campsite each evening that will be set up for them and where they will enjoy delicious food, wine, conversation, and reflection around a campfire. The completion of the daily challenging hikes will be even more rewarding when hikers get to meet special guests from ALYN Hospital. The group will have an opportunity to hear and ask questions about the care, love, innovative approach and often out-of-the-box life-changing technologies offered by ALYNnovation in its ongoing quest to heal children, increase their mobility and independence allowing them to live with their families to the best of their abilities.

You can participate in HEELs of Love and help with the miraculous Healing happening at ALYN.

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