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This Hannukah, we celebrated ALYN’s work to support the national war effort.

ALYN Hospital, through the innovative PELE track (PELE – Personalized Equipment Leading to Empowerment) of the hospital’s Innovation Space has been steadfast in its commitment to helping survivors of the tragedy rebuild their lives. ALYN has been creative in supporting survivors of October 7, providing them the tools they need to regain independence, mobility and hope for a brighter future. For a deeper explanation of PELE and the work it is doing, read here.

The PELE team is working together with Israeli hospitals caring for soldiers wounded in the war and young people maimed in the horrendous terrorist attack of October 7th. PELE is also creating and adapting solutions for children who have been displaced from their homes and are lacking the assistive equipment they left behind. These solutions aim to increase their independence and ensure that they can continue to grow and develop even in these chaotic times.

ALYN has also set up a counseling helpline for remote assistance, staffed by occupational therapists, physiotherapists and speech therapists to provide guidance and counseling for parents and caregivers.

Furthermore, in a remarkable act of solidarity, the students in the Rehabilitation Department's Educational Center used 3D-printing technology and coding to craft unique sevivonim (dreidels). The children engaged in a nationwide initiative: designing, printing, and adorning sevivonim with a poignant message on each side: "Bring-Them-Home-Now," in support of the hostages taken on October 7th.

The work of ALYN and PELE coupled with the support of our donors are rays of light amongst the darkness. ALYN’s mission to provide our patients with independence and mobility and the best possible chance for recovery continues.

With Hannukah behind us and the New Year approaching, you can continue spreading light and joy by donating here to ALYN Hospital and the work of PELE.

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