Shocking Challenge

What happens when the power goes out and your child is on a respirator or other critical life-saving equipment? When all goes right, one of ALYN Hospital’s emergency backup generators will kick in and keep our equipment running and our children alive. The generators provide backup to the Hospital's high voltage transformers that supply electricity to the Hospital on a regular basis.

But the system is old and needs to be upgraded and modernized to provide greater redundancy in case of failure of any of its components. This includes expanding the UPS (uninterruptible power supply) components to ensure that all equipment/services (lights, respirators, computers, imaging systems and other lab diagnostic tools) in the Hospital are covered in case of an electrical outage.

It will cost ALYN $625,000 to cover the equipment and installation expenses needed to provide this modernization. We have already received a grant of $187,000 from an anonymous donor and an additional $142,000 has been raised to date for this purpose. Now, the remaining $296,000 needs to be raised – which brings us to you – our readers and generous donors whom we are asking to help cover the rest.

ALYN Hospital is planning for the future; these upgrades are needed to meet ALYN's electricity requirements for the next 15 years.

Your generosity will ensure that the power remains on for children, families and staff at ALYN.

Your support, our success.

Joanne Blye
Board President

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