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PELE is the transliteration of the Hebrew acronym פל"א which stands for
פתרונות לילדים אלי"ן or Solutions for Children ALYN.
The word "פלא" means “wonder.”

The PELE track of ALYN Hospital’s Innovation Space, made up of professional staff and volunteer “makers," provides case-driven, personalized, affordable solutions for children of all backgrounds, from Israel and around the world, who face physical challenges to independence in their day-to-day activities – such as eating, dressing, maintaining personal hygiene, communicating, studying and being mobile.

Since the beginning of 2020 alone, the staff of PELE have received more than 154 requests for solutions to help children with disabilities to be more independent in their daily lives and to be able to participate in more significant ways in educational and social activities, with nearly half of these requests already having been fulfilled!

Some of the 100+ projects now in the works:

  • Mechanical game of "memory" or "snakes & ladders" controlled by an eye-tracking system so that a child who is paralyzed can play with other children
  • Pool slide for children who use wheelchairs
  • Arm that can hold a lollipop (or other small food item) that is controlled by a light switch, allowing a child with little muscle control to independently bring the lollipop to her mouth to lick it
  • 360-degree camera for a child who is paralyzed to be able to see all around her through a tablet
  • Colorful, musical hand sanitation device to encourage children to sanitize their hands
  • Mechanism to prevent teen who uses a powered wheelchair from falling onto the sidewalk
  • Glove to maintain an angle between the hand and the wrist so that children with CP can maintain their grip on bike handlebars

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