The Early Years and Meeting Joe Green

Paul and Karen met at the tender age of 14 at Sunday School, where their shared values and love for community service started to blossom. A pivotal figure in their lives was Pastor Joe Green, who has been their friend for over 45 years. Joe's influence and Paul’s parents’ friendship with Joe’s brother Larry Green, who worked with kids with Down's Syndrome in a group home, deeply impacted Paul. He developed a special bond with one boy, Charlie, which sparked his lifelong commitment to helping children with disabilities.

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Discovering Wheels of Love (WOL)

On June 16, 2016, Paul read two articles that would change his life. One detailed a vandalized church in Sharon, MA, which had been targeted for supporting Israel and hosting a Jerusalem Day celebration. The community's resilience in the face of hate-inspired Paul. The other article was about Joe Green's participation in the Wheels of Love ride, a charity event benefiting children with disabilities at ALYN Hospital in Israel. Intrigued and motivated, Paul reached out to Joe Green and decided to join the ride in 2017.

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A Life-Changing Experience

Paul's first WOL ride in 2017 was supposed to be with Joe, but due to other travel commitments, Joe had to bow out prior to the event. Despite this setback, Paul embarked on the journey alone. The ride was grueling, both physically and emotionally. He struggled daily but persevered, driven by the thought of the children at ALYN who push themselves every day to improve their lives. "It was a life-changing experience," Paul reflected. "The least I could do was push myself, too."

Renewed Purpose and Building Precious Warriors Foundation

Before discovering WOL, Paul felt lost, lonely, and unaccepted. He knew he had something to offer society but couldn't find his place. The ride reignited his passion for helping kids and gave him a sense of belonging. Accepted by the other riders and staff, he found a community where he could make a difference.

Karen joined Paul as a volunteer in 2018, and together, they continued to participate in WOL rides, forming lasting friendships and cherishing the emotional moments at the end of each ride. Inspired by their fundraising efforts for ALYN, they realized they could do more locally. In 2019, they emptied their savings, hired the best non-profit lawyer in Rhode Island, and founded the Precious Warriors Foundation, which officially launched in 2020. Their foundation aims to make a global impact on children's medical care, by providing medical equipment and funding surgeries starting with efforts in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Israel, and Pakistan.

Continuous Support and Fundraising Efforts

Paul and Karen work year-round to support ALYN Hospital. Their annual Bowl-A-Thon, which just celebrated its fifth year, has raised over $30K for ALYN. The event has grown, attracting more than 100 participants and raising over $5K this year alone. They hope to expand it further to involve the local Jewish community, with the next event themed around Star Wars on May 4, 2025.

The Draw of ALYN Hospital

Paul and Karen are deeply moved by how ALYN Hospital operates. Paul appreciates the unity among the riders and the hospital's innovative approach to improving children's lives. "There is so much lopsided news out there about Israel, and there is no mention of the unity that does exist. I have felt no barriers because I’m not Jewish. The other riders have accepted me; they appreciate me. They treat me like family."

Karen is drawn to the hospital's unique approach to family and patient care. "They bring the family together in a way US hospitals don’t. Knowing that the kids are getting the care they need and seeing their happiness, even though we can’t imagine what they are going through, and yet they greet you with a smile."

Paul Hiking

A Bright Future

The WOL ride renewed Paul's sense of purpose at a time when he felt directionless. It opened him up to new possibilities, made him more outgoing, and solidified his and Karen's dedication to supporting children with disabilities. Their Precious Warriors Foundation is still in its infancy, but with their passion and commitment, they aim to make a global impact on children's medical care, one step at a time.

Paul and Karen Medeiros' journey is a testament to the power of community, resilience, and the difference one can make when driven by passion and purpose. Their story inspires others to find their place, embrace their potential, and contribute to a greater cause.

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