In 2021, ALYNnovation saw unprecedented development and growth. Over the course of the year, the team established new institutional and strategic relationships, strengthened existing partnerships and continued to consolidate ALYNnovation’s role as an industry leader in pediatric rehabilitation innovation.

This month, we highlight two new startup partners:


Cognishine is a platform that aims to assist health professionals to improve therapy and clinical outcomes with adaptable, ready-to-use materials that incorporate relevant real-world content that can be tailored to each client’s therapeutic goals and fields of interest in just a few clicks. These tools drastically shorten therapists’ required prep time and simplify the process of personalizing exercises and content for each patient, leading to improved patient experience, improved patient motivation and engagement, and improved clinical outcomes. Cognishine currently serves clinicians working with people with disabilities in four main areas -- cognition, communication, speech, and social-emotional difficulties.

ALYN Hospital is proud to partner with Cognishine to develop Cognishine Pro, their next-generation continuous therapy platform that can track patient performance at home and facilitates accurate, data-driven clinical decisions with AI-powered recommendations.


Augment Therapy is an interactive app for iPad that uses the medium of augmented reality (AR) to provide virtual pediatric rehab and remote patient monitoring across the care continuum. The software’s ability to recognized and track movement through the iPad’s camera makes it possible for the patient to watch their “avatar” physically interact with a virtual environment in games that encourage targeted movements.

Augment Therapy creates therapy software that is both fun for kids and effective for clinicians. The company partnered with ALYN Hospital in 2021 to develop localization functionality (making the product available) in both Arabic and Hebrew, and to execute their first overseas pilot to get user experience feedback from both patients and therapists. Augment Therapy is ALYNnovation’s first US-based startup partner, thanks to our collaboration with the KidsX consortium and accelerator!

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