“As the month of Adar begins, our joy is increased!”
מי שנכנס אדר מרבין בשמחה

In the Jewish calendar, the month of Adar is meant to be the most joyful month of the year.  This year is a leap year in the Jewish calendar so we have not only one month of Adar, but we get two (Adar 1 and Adar 2). Therefore our joy should be doubled!

Given the challenges facing our community since the tragic events in Israel on October 7, we are forced to ask ourselves – how can we feel and celebrate joy during this challenging time - and for two months, nonetheless?

Since October 7, I have certainly found comfort in knowing that ALYN Hospital has continued to provide its much-needed services. They’ve even adapted some therapies so they can be offered remotely to patients whose families have been evacuated from the war zone.  The staff of the hospital has also provided guidance to other medical facilities, rehab centers and doctors who have turned to ALYN for assistance.  Thinking of the way the ALYN staff has performed considering the current realities has filled me with a sense of immense pride.

While I carry this pride, I cannot say that it has helped me feel that increase in joy that we are supposed to feel at this time of the year.

So where am I finding my Adar joy?  I find it by thinking of the children we are serving and the fact that, in the children’s eyes, “ALYN makes therapy fun”.  If you have visited the hospital, you have seen the children riding a variety of adapted bicycles in the hallway!  Throughout the hospital, you see the smiles and the happy faces. You hear the laughter of the children on their way to and from their appointments – music therapy, pet therapy, gardening therapy and the list goes on.  Thinking of the children allows me to find that happiness and joy.

None of this could happen without you, our donors and friends.  Your ongoing support and generosity enable this life-changing work to occur – successfully and joyfully!

Wishing you opportunities to find joy this Adar, even during these challenging times.

Chag purim sameach

Adam Schwartz

During the coming months, I will be visiting a number of communities around the country to help us share this message more widely.  I would welcome the opportunity to meet with any of you and/or anyone you suggest might enjoy/benefit from learning about our work.  Just drop me a note at adam@alynus.org.


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