Nearly 20 years ago, Steve Nachman crashed his bike and broke a hip. During his recovery, he spent hours daydreaming of the day he would be able to get back in the saddle.

With the help of the internet, he found an article about ALYN Hospital’s upcoming charity bike ride, Wheels of Love, in an Israeli paper. As he read more about the hospital and the life-changing therapies offered there, he made the decision to get himself out of bed, work hard at his own rehabilitation, and then ride for the children of ALYN.

Steve first participated in 2006 and, in his words, “I haven’t looked back.” His wife Sharon came along as a volunteer that first year and then participated over several years as well, either as a volunteer or as a cyclist.  He missed a few years here and there, and this past year he earned his 15-year loyalty jacket. “I come back every year for the honor of riding with ALYN patients who participate as riders, and for the experience at the finish line. When the kids meet you there, you see beyond their disabilities and realize they’re just happy children, excited to hand you a medal,” Steve explains.

Steve’s commitment to ALYN goes far beyond the bike ride in Israel, however. He is an avid fundraiser and ALYN Ambassador. Over the pandemic, and most recently after the events of October 7, the bike ride in Israel could not take place. In both cases, Steve helped organize large community rides in Long Island, drawing scores of cyclists, to show support for ALYN Hospital and solidarity with the people of Israel.

His contributions don’t end there! After October 7, Steve turned to the Mercaz Academy in Plainview, NY. The Nachman children had all studied there, and Steve has remained connected to the school. Like so many Jews in the Diaspora at the time, Steve wanted to find a way to send messages of support to the children and staff of ALYN Hospital. In collaboration with the administration and teachers at Mercaz Academy, two beautiful videos were created and shared with the children of ALYN, full of songs and well wishes – one for Shabbat and one for Hannukah. It was a meaningful message, showing that the Mercaz Academy community was standing behind the work of ALYN, especially during these difficult times. (Please see the December Newsletter for the full story).

While we are honoring Steve Nachman and everything he has done for ALYN over the past two decades with this Donor Spotlight, one of his own donors has recently taken action to recognize Steve’s efforts to raise funds and awareness of ALYN Hospital. She has been carried along on Steve’s ALYN journey over the years – as Steve always sends his donors ALYN updates and details of his time in Israel on the ride. This year, she honored him by purchasing a paver in his name in ALYN’s Bricks of Love Garden, with the words “INSPIRED LEADERSHIP, OUTSTANDING ATHLETICISM, UNWAVERING SUPPORT”.

Not surprisingly, Steve fully intends to attend the ride in Israel this coming November. In Steve’s words, “ALYN is part of my life and has made my life better too. And it has become a meaningful part of the lives of my circle of friends and my community.”

Learn more about Wheels of Love and Bricks of Love here.

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