Elchanan was born five years ago. He was born prematurely, at only 26 weeks, resulting in lung disease. For the first year and a half of his life, he needed to be on a respirator as he was not able to breathe on his own.

The family brought him to ALYN Hospital’s Respiratory Rehabilitation Department, where the medical and therapeutic staff successfully weaned him off of his ventilator and he was able to go home using an oxygen tank and a feeding tube. He continued coming to ALYN as part of the Day Care Center and was eventually weaned off of the oxygen tank and feeding tube as well. At the same time, Elchanan progressed to ALYN’s most advanced nursery school class in 2018 after making great headway in his motor, cognitive and communications skills. The educational staff of ALYN’s Day Care Center prepared him to transition to childcare outside of ALYN Hospital, which he successfully did when he was four years old.

2 Elchanan 6 Months Old In Respiratory Rehabilitation
8 Elchanan At 5 Years Old In Park Near Home

Today, five years after Elchanan first came to ALYN on a respirator and with an uncertain future, he is thriving in a community kindergarten!

His mother says, “Elchanan is 5 ½ years old and is growing and developing wonderfully! He continues to learn in a special education kindergarten in order to bridge small gaps in his development, and he brings us much nachas (gratification). He is even learning the Aleph-Bet very well. Thank you to ALYN so much for everything!

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