Stories of Success and Support from the ALYN Hospital Community

November 2023


Dear Friends,

It was exactly one month ago that Hamas terrorists crossed the border into Israel, attacking civilians and soldiers in a horrific series of events. Israel is now at war. Every Israeli citizen and each Israeli institution has been forced to pivot and address this new reality.

Since October 7, ALYN Hospital has been busy setting priorities:

  • Continuing to treat the patients who cannot forego treatment and risk losing progress
    Expanding their safe-space capacity so that all children and staff can find safety for extended periods in the event of a missile attack
  • Creating adaptive equipment for children with disabilities who have had to flee their homes and find themselves in temporary housing without adapted accessibility, which reduces their independence
  • Finding adaptive solutions for soldiers in rehabilitation facilities who have suffered injuries
  • Setting up a counseling helpline for remote assistance, staffed by occupational therapists, physiotherapists and speech therapists to provide guidance and counseling for parents and caregivers.

At American Friends of ALYN Hospital, we have been working to support ALYN’s life-changing work in multiple ways:

  • Organizing community bike rides and events, especially over the week that ALYN’s annual bike ride, Wheels of Love, was meant to be held in Israel. Supporters showed up in solidarity with Israel and ALYN in Miami, NY/NJ, Long Island, Hollywood, Chicago, and Boston - not to mention rides held in Amsterdam, Johannesburg and Toronto.
  • Raising emergency funds for ALYN Hospital, so that they can continue providing the highest level of care to each child they treat. Thanks to you, in the past month we have raised over $250,000!

While our sorrow seems to know no bounds, the work of ALYN and the support of our donors are rays of light amongst the darkness. ALYN’s mission to provide children with independence and mobility and the best possible chance for recovery continues. To do so, ALYN needs your help.

Please donate here and show your solidarity with ALYN and with Israel during this difficult time.

With gratitude,

Adam Schwartz
Executive Director
American Friends of ALYN

At ALYN Pediatric Rehabilitation Hospital in Jerusalem, when the rocket siren sounds, we have ninety seconds to reach shelter before impact.

"Ninety Seconds" a poem Dr. Maurit Beeri, October 2023
Translated by Eliezer Be'eri

Ninety seconds.
Panicked parents scramble their children towards the bomb shelter.
Terrified, all wide-eyed, hearts racing.
Ninety seconds.
Wake the sleeping child.
Grab the baby.
Ninety seconds.
And also the walker, the wheelchair, the drip stand.
Ninety seconds.
Sprint, with a small child, dangling tubes connected to a ventilator.
Ninety seconds.
The heavy steel door thuds shut, keeping evil away
For ten minutes.
A mother in a hijab.
A father with a large kippah.
And in that sudden silence,
The tiny voice of a little girl:
“Mommy, did you see? I ran all the way, By myself!”

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