Wheels of Love Is More Than A Ride
by Stu Seltzer, Wheels of Love Participant


For me, the ALYN Hospital Wheels of Love charity bike ride is a gift that keeps on giving!

One who walks the Land of Israel… is assured of being heir to the world to come, Isaiah 33:24. I love Israel and always wanted to bike ride through the land. I don’t have the patience to walk, so I thought riding would be more fun.

While seeing the magnificent land of Israel on a bicycle is an amazing experience, the ALYN Hospital’s Wheels of Love charity bike ride is more personal to me. My oldest brother, Rabbi Lev, made Aliyah 28 years ago. His son, Yitzchak, was born with brain damage and received superior medical care and support at ALYN Hospital.

My wife, Danielle, connected all the dots and surprised me with my first Wheels of Love ride registration and arranged for my longtime cycling friend and neighbor, Frank Julie, to join me.  In 2016, Frank and I joined the Wheels of Love ride for the first time. What a great gift! The following year, Mark Segal, another longtime neighbor and cycling friend joined me on what I now have made into an annual tradition.

I’ve involved my Israeli family too. Now my three nephews join me for the final day of riding and my two nieces are at the finish line cheering us on in support.  We ride as Team Yitzchak, in memory of my nephew who passed away in 2011. For me, bonding with my brother and his family is part of my participation in Wheels of Love and an added bonus.

If that isn’t enough, the ALYN ride continues to feel like a gift to me because I’m so inspired by the other riders, the beautiful scenery and the dedicated support staff –  all to help fund innovative medical and therapeutic breakthroughs and provide world-class treatment at ALYN hospital.

Finally, I’m humbled to be given the honor of sounding the shofar to kick-off the ride.

This year, in addition to riding in memory of my nephew Yitzchak Seltzer, I’m also riding in honor of Yossi Reit, who was severely injured during the Mount Meron tragedy on Lag Ba’Omer 2021 and is now receiving excellent care at ALYN. Yossi is a longtime friend and classmate of my nephew Elisha; Elisha will be joining me on this ride again on the final day. Click here for Yossi's story. 

I hope to inspire others from my neighborhood to ride with me next year and feel the magic and gift of the ALYN Hospital charity bike ride.

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