October Newsletter

Aharon Sukkah 1c

Aharon’s ALYN Recovery

The holiday of Sukkot is also known as Z'man Simchatenu, the Holiday of Joy. This year, it certainly is for the Rosenbaum family. Two years ago, on the day before Sukkot, their son, Aharon, fell out the third story window of his home and sustained a traumatic brain injury. He spent two weeks in the pediatric intensive care unit at Hadassah Hospital before coming to ALYN for rehabilitation. His father shares with us about Aharon’s time at ALYN and the amazing progress he’s making. Read more.

ALYNnovation Update:
Everyone Deserves to Be Heard

The ALYNnovation team is excited to be testing out VoiceItt in ALYN’s Independent Living Neighborhood. VoiceItt is a powerful customizable speech recognition app that learns to understand a user’s unique dysarthric speech (speech that is difficult to understand) and interpret it into typical speech instantly, either as audio or text. Using VoiceItt, people with dysarthric speech can independently communicate with friends, family, and strangers in real time. Read More


#MyALYNRide Teams:
Community Rides

In the spirit of keeping the Wheels of Love family connected, two of our #MyALYNRide teams, the Grumpy Roadsters and Team Friends of Kevin, organized rides this past weekend to ride together as a community and raise funds for ALYN Hospital. Read more.


Notes in the Kotel

This year, everyone’s High Holidays were celebrated differently than in any other year. For many, there is a tradition to go to the Kotel, the Western Wall, and place a note in the ancient stones with wishes and prayers for the New Year. Israel’s Ministry of Health lockdown made this tradition impossible to fulfill this year.  Instead, hundreds of letters from around the world were sent to the Chief Rabbi of the Kotel. The children of ALYN participated in this meaningful event by sending their own letters to be placed at the Kotel. May all wishes for a year of good health and happiness come true!