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September 2021


A New School Year for Etai

In our January newsletter, we featured Etai Rimmel, who had been treated at ALYN Hospital for over a year after having been seriously injured in a car accident in which he lost his mother and sister. In November 2020, a year after the accident, he celebrated his Bar-Mitzvah. This fall, he is back at school at ALYN, and he is motivated to continue the hard work of rehabilitation, despite the difficulties and pain, so that he can soon rejoin his friends at his regular school.



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Honoring the Memory of Charles Dimston, Z”L

This summer, we mourned the passing of cherished ALYN supporter and beloved American Friends of ALYN Hospital board member, Charles “Charly” Dimston, z”l. We honor his memory with this tribute.


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ALYN Making a Difference in East Africa

While doing research for an upcoming two-month work assignment in Burundi (Great Lakes region of East Africa), AFAH board member David Meron came across the NGO, NACHAM Africa, whose main mission is to care for the needs of vulnerable populations within the community.  Thinking there might be a synergy to ALYN's work, David contacted NACHAM Africa's founder upon arriving in the country, and a wonderful partnership has now begun.


Wheels of Love 2021 Update

Wheels of Love 2021 has made the leap from Israel to Maryland’s Eastern Shore! Join us October 24-26 for three days of cycling as we explore the back roads around Cambridge, MD, the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, and the historic land and waterways around the Chesapeake Bay. For more information and to register, click HERE.

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!חג סוכות שמח

Wishing you a happy Sukkot!

From the team at American Friends of ALYN Hospital

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