Our Mission

Our Mission


Maintain, enhance and grow American Friends of ALYN Hospital’s

platform to serve the challenge of raising funds for ALYN Hospital,

while concurrently raising visibility for ALYN as a premier global

institution for pediatric rehabilitation.


American Friends of ALYN Hospital has proudly supported the hospital since 1932. ALYN is Israel’s premier rehabilitation center providing rehabilitation to physically disabled children from birth to young adulthood. Since its humble beginnings as a polio clinic, the overriding mission of ALYN has been to help each child reach the highest possible levels of mobility and independence. ALYN is a magical place where miracles happen because the words “no” and “impossible” are never heard in any language.


ALYN treats children suffering from disabilities caused by neuromuscular diseases as well as the after-effects of trauma and head injuries caused by car accidents, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, congenital deformities, general pediatric orthopedic issues, premature births and respiratory dependency.  Far too many children come to ALYN to learn how to cope with post-cancer trauma and severe burns. Every single patient benefits from a customized rehab program that helps each child reach his or her maximum possible level of mobility and independence.


Every year over 3,500 children a year come to ALYN as inpatients and another 25,000 receive outpatient and ambulatory care. YOU are our cherished partner in making this help possible and ensuring that ALYN HOSPITAL is where families can come to meet the challenges of living with disabilities – no matter how profoundly difficult they are.


We believe that ALYN is one of the holiest places in the Holy Land. It is a place of miracles where children are rehabilitated and healed while lives are transformed.  There is only one religion at ALYN—hope. There is only one race and one nationality at ALYN —children.