Our Team

Maayan WSQ

Maayan Aviv


Email: maayan@alynus.org

I am privileged to serve as the Executive Director for the American Friends of ALYN. I have been a part of this organization for nearly a decade, and have the experience and deep institutional knowledge which allow me to effectively spread the word about ALYN and further our mission. I am proud to lead the US team which supports ALYN in doing what it does best - transforming disabilities into abilities!

Erica Skolnick

Erica Skolnick, CFRE


Email: erica@alynus.org

I have been following ALYN Hospital and its life-changing services for many years and am constantly blown away by the amazing stories of how ALYN Hospital improves the lives of children with disabilities in Israel and around the world. I am honored and excited to join the AFAH team, supporting the innovative medical and therapeutic services provided at ALYN Hospital. As an experienced development professional, I look forward to helping increase the resources and raise the awareness of this work so the dedicated staff can continue to offer the children at ALYN a brighter future.

Davida SQ

Davida Popik


Email: davida@alynus.org

With 10 years in the non-profit world, I have worn many hats helping different organizations in New York City.  I am elated to find myself with the opportunity to utilize my many skills and make a positive impact with an organization I feel so passionate about.


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