Jerusalem Marathon

Jerusalem Marathon – March 9, 2018




Imagine the drama of running a marathon that follows the footsteps of kings, prophets, crusaders and conquerors! Run past 3,000 years of ancient and modern history . . over the cobblestones of the Old City . . across the tracks of Jerusalem’s super sleep light rail . . . That’s what will happen on March 9, 2018 when tens of thousands of runners from around the world run, jog, or walk in the legendary JERUSALEM MARATHON. Choose between routes of 5 km, 10 km, a half marathon or the full 42.2 kilometer (26.2 mi) marathon distance.

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The children of ALYN Hospital invite you to join them as part of TEAM ADRENALYN. This is your opportunity to be a part of an amazing mitzvah – run in this iconic race and raise funds that transform the lives of the children treated at ALYN Hospital. ALYN is a world leader in pediatric rehabilitation and the only place in Israel that specializes in treating children who have been severely injured in accidents or acts of terror, suffer from degenerative disease, or were born with significant physical challenges. The remarkable team of dedicated doctors and therapists at ALYN work tirelessly with these children. Our goal is to return them to their families, empowered to live as independently as possible. ALYN is a place where miracles happen every day. The JERUSALEM MARATHON is one way we have to insure we can keep the miracles coming. Join us as a runner or make a life changing gift to support a runner or an ALYN child. Run alongside ALYN therapists and patients. Run because you can for the kids who can’t.


You too can be a miracle worker!