Skydive in Israel

Skydive in Israel



We will do anything for our children, right? If you knew that you could do something amazingly out-of-the-box, way beyond your comfort zone, possibly ridiculous, for your age and totally adrenaline producing that would amaze your kids, and make you a hero in their eyes – would you do it?


skydive in Israel


If you also knew that there are children very different from your healthy ones who can’t do for themselves and who need extraordinary help and you could easily help them, would you? There is an easy way to accomplish both goals.


Throw caution to the wind, overcome your fears and do what you never in a million years thought you would ever do. Jump out of a plane from 3000 meters above the earth and experience the incomparably primal sensation of first free-falling at 200 MPH followed by weightlessly floating towards the earth. It sounds crazy but it’s totally safe. Do a tandem jump, attached to a highly experienced professional guide, with a skydiving company who has been doing this for years with an unblemished safety record.


Take the plunge and become a hero to all the children of ALYN who so desperately need all the help they can get. Shira lost the use of her legs and “flying” ALYN-style – join her!


fly with ALYN


ALYN Hospital is one of the premier pediatric rehab facilities on the planet. A magical place where the word, “impossible” and “can’t” don’t exists, and where even children like Shira get to fly.


Join us April 2019 and you can fly too!  Invite everyone you know to share the experience by sponsoring your flight so ALYN can raise the much-needed funds for the children being rehabbed there. Your jump will be recorded and you can share the video afterward as a thank you to those who sponsor you. Celebrate flying with a joyous barbecue at the jump’s end with special guest Shira! For more details please contact us at


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