Evangelicals Embrace ALYN

Meet our Evangelical Outreach Director:


Joe GreenJoe Green, Director of Evangelical Outreach


“Pastor” Joe Green has pastored a significant church in New England for nearly 25 years. He has led teams of men and women on mission’s trips to countries like, El Salvador, Haiti, Europe and Russia to help build homes, feeding centers, and help the broken and hurting of the world. He has been actively involved in preserving Biblical values through activism, speaking in public forums, and meeting with Senators, Congressman and Governors. Joe has also been the State Coordinator for the Freedom Council, a political organization started by Pat Robertson to disseminate information to inform the Church as to the “facts” of political candidates.

Joe also was the National Outreach Director for CBN’s Operation Blessing. He traveled extensively throughout many of America’s largest cities establishing programs to help the “at risk” populations in need. Through education, job training, nutrition programs, financial training and spiritual guidance, “City Reach” has seen incredible transformation in the lives of multitudes.

In 2010 Joe became involved with Jewish/Christian dialog. He became the first President of Rabbi’s and Ministers for Israel based in New England. He went on to become the first non-Jew to sit on the Board of the American Friends of ALYN Hospital. He later became Vice President of the Board and today serves as the first full time Evangelical to take the message of this Pediatric Rehabilitation Hospital in Jerusalem to the Church.

Joe has his Master’s Degree in Biblical Theology and accomplishments include being an author, speaker and Commercial Pilot.




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