Meet the Kids

Meet the Kids


Get to know some of the heroic young patients at ALYN Hospital who refused to take “no” for an answer.


Meet The Kids - Or

Meet Or:

It was every parent’s nightmare. After developing a fever, three-month-old Or was admitted to the hospital where it was discovered he had no calcium in his body in addition to a severe heart defect. The prognosis was grim: Doctors said that Or would need to be connected to a respirator for life. He would never be able to walk or even bounce a ball. That’s when Or’s mother decided to get a second opinion—from ALYN.

The staff at ALYN taught Or how to drive an electric wheelchair when he was only a toddler. For the first time in his young life, Or had freedom. Now eight-years-old, Or sweeps through the halls of ALYN in his motorized chair, shouting, “I am fast! I am up! I am high!”




Meet the Kids - Shira

Meet Shira:

In the blink of an eye Shira’s world crashed around her. She was 6 and riding home with her mother when, out of nowhere, a speeding car broadsided them. When Shira woke up in the hospital, she had completely lost the use of both legs. What she did not lose that day was her gorgeous smile, her laughter, her courage and her fierce determination that this was not going to get in the way of living life to the fullest.





Meet Chaya:

Chaya was born with paraplegia and a heart condition. Even with her medical issues, Chaya was always accepting new physical challenges and always pushed herself to accomplish more and more. With the support of the devoted staff at ALYN, she was given the opportunities to maximize her potential in all areas. Now, as a teenager, she rides a handcycle weekly in Sacher Park and has participated in long-range bike rides all over the world. She was the first female ever to climb Maaleh Ha’Akravim, one of Israel’s toughest climbs, in a handcycle.





Meet the Kids - Abdul

Meet Abdul Kut:

When he was just nine-months-old, Abdul's family’s dreams were shattered. Without warning, Abdul was attacked by horrific flesh-eating bacteria. Within a few short hours, he went from being a perfectly healthy baby to fighting for his life in an intensive care unit. While few children survive this devastation, Abdul did—although he lost both legs, one hand and most of his right arm. Today, Abdul can walk on his own, ride a bike and do most things that young boys enjoy doing.