Many of the requests that come to PELE are for children who do not have fingers or a hand and who wish to be able to do the same activities as other children their age, such as riding a tricycle. The girl pictured below is one such child. She had successfully adapted to riding the tricycle by leaning with her right shoulder in order to reach the handlebar. However, doing so resulted in an awkward, unbalanced posture on the tricycle which caused her additional discomfort. Her parents turned to PELE with the request to create some kind of an extension to the handlebar in which the girl could insert her arm and thereby grip the handlebar with correct posture while riding. The result is the bright green attachment seen in the pictures below, which was made using our 3D printer!

Handlebar Grip For Child With No Hand
Handlebar Grip For Child With No Hand 44x320
Handlebar Grip For Child With No Hand 444x320

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