Mitzvah of Love

We invite you to help empower the lives of the children of ALYN by participating in a Mitzvah of Love – a bar/bat mitzvah project, class project, community activity.  With the money you raise through a project of your own, you are proving no one is too young to make the world a better place!


Children from all over Israel come to the ALYN Hospital for rehabilitation.


ALYN is the only rehabilitation center in Israel that specializes in treating children and adolescents with both congenital and acquired disabilities. The remarkable team of dedicated doctors and therapists at ALYN work tirelessly with these children.  Our goal is to return them to their families and communities, empowered to live as independently as possible.  Whatever the reason for their needing rehabilitation, all of the children at ALYN Hospital want one thing: to do the same things that other children their age. Swimming, riding a bicycle, zip-lining and even school projects are just a few ways the therapists at ALYN Hospital use regular activities children love to make rehabilitation fun!


There is no project too small, no idea too simple. Your project could help fund breakthrough treatments, purchase equipment, create activities and much more.  


Check out this wonderful project from the past. 


Will Eilser used his love of baseball as inspiration!  PROJECT BOOK

There is no reason one of your favorite things can’t be your inspiration too.