Skydive in Israel 2019

Skydive in Israel




For the fourth year, ALYN Children’s Hospital invites you to a thrilling adventure: Skydiving!


We have once again teamed up with one of Israel’s finest skydiving schools to give you an unbelievable experience. This year we will be jumping in the North by one of the most beautiful Mediterranean beaches in Israel.  


Participants dedicate their jump to the children treated at ALYN Hospital by raising money from their friends and family. 


ALYN is the only place in Israel that specializes in treating children who have been severely injured in accidents or acts of terror, suffering from degenerative disease, or were born with significant physical challenges. The remarkable team of dedicated doctors and therapists at ALYN work tirelessly with these children.  Our goal is to return them to their families, empowered to live as independently as possible.


skydive in Israel



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