Styles and Modules

Saved Module
Center Aligned Text/Smart Headings

Additional brief text can go here. Recommend using this at the top of interior pages to give a brief intro.

Saved Module
Left Aligned Text/Smart Headings

This can be used when an image or additional content is placed to the right or left of text.

Secondary Text

This a Saved Module and can be used for secondary text. Switch the style to center or left align as you see fit.


Below is the Divider with Icon Saved Module.

"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit." – Call Out Quote

Image Carousel 3 Across

Info Icon Box

This is a saved module. If you want to place 3 in a row like the homepage has displayed you can go to "Saved Rows" or create 3+ Columns and add in this saved module. It is recommended to only display 4 across at a time.

Your Donation of $50

Provides a rehabilitation appointment

(Saved Column) Column Navy Box Bordered

This is a module inside of a Saved Column. Access this by going to Rows > Saved Columns. There is also a saved row with 3 across.

The icon can be changed out. Some basic custom icons have been provided to you. Or you can select one from the built in icon library that uses Font Awesome.

Saved Row Row Navy with Teal Borderes and White Text

Use this for a section of text to call out in a different way. Possibly to Make a Donation.

(Saved Module)

Large Group of Text

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(Saved Module) Team Module

Maayan Aviv

Maayan Aviv

Executive Director

I am privileged to serve as the Executive Director for the American Friends of ALYN. I have been a part of this organization for nearly a decade, and have the experience and deep institutional knowledge which allow me to effectively spread the word about ALYN and further our mission. I am proud to lead the US team which supports ALYN in doing what it does best - transforming disabilities into abilities!

Saved Row
Main Section Call Out

You can change the photo to the left with coordinating text. Image is changed on the "Column Settings"