Wheels of Love Registration


We are so inspired by your commitment and dedication to ALYN Hospital. We understand you might not be able to come to Israel to ride with us, and right now safe and solo outdoor activity is encouraged — so let’s do this! We will ride together in spirit, even if we can’t be together in person.


  • Register: Commit to making a difference by riding with us virtually in 2020. Registration is free! Register here.
  • Set a Personal Goal: You get to decide what your goal is – will you ride 250 miles over the month of October? Hike once a week? Run a total of 40 miles over three weeks? Set a goal that is meaningful to you and that will help you raise funds and awareness about ALYN.
  • Ride, Run, Hike or Walk in your neighborhood or at home. Ride locally or on a stationary bike. Walk, hike or run around your neighborhood. Please follow your local social distance ordinances to stay safe.
  • Share Your WHY. You will have a fundraising page to direct your donors to. Post on your social network WHY you are participating along with a fundraising goal and a link to your fundraising page. It’s powerful and encouraging – please share a picture, a post or a video using the hashtag #MyALYNRide.
  • Track and Share Your Progress. As you train for Wheels of Love, share your progress on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram by sharing live videos and pictures
  • Join Our Community! We encourage you to join our Wheels of Love Strava Clubs (www.strava.com to sign up) for all participants and supporters to stay connected and enjoy our virtual experience together!
  • Fundraise. The need to support ALYN is very real and the children working toward their rehabilitation are counting on YOU. As you fundraise, you can earn some great ALYN swag.