Our Mission

ALYN Hospital is Israel‘s premier rehabilitation center providing rehabilitation to physically disabled children from birth to young adulthood. Since 1932, the overriding mission of ALYN has been to help each child reach their highest possible levels of mobility and independence. ALYN is a magical place where miracles happen because the words “impossible” and “can’t” aren’t in our vocabulary.


Meet the KidsMeet the Kids

Take 3 minutes and meet some real heroes. If pictures are worth 1,000 words, these videos are worth a 1,000,000 more.


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YOU are all ALYN needs to ensure that every child can reach their highest level of mobility and independence.


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Wheels of LoveWheels  Of  Love

We are the first and original Israeli charity bike ride. Join a moving caravan of love through Southern Israel, November 10-November 14, 2019.

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Be FirstBe First

Run, bike, sky dive and travel for ALYN! Explore brand-new projects and exciting opportunities to get involved and help raise money for ALYN.


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