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ALYN Hospital opened in 1932 to support children with orthopedic disabilities in Jerusalem. ALYN has grown into a unique medical facility and global leader in pediatric rehabilitation for children with physical disabilities, regardless of religious or ethnic background. ALYN offers a multidisciplinary, holistic approach to rehabilitation, and is on the cutting edge of assistive technology development to benefit children. Medical facilities, research institutions and technology companies throughout the world seek partnerships with ALYN to create meaningful advances in the field.

ALYN Hospital is an officially registered non-profit facility and only a portion of every child’s care is reimbursed by the Israeli Health Funds or other referring agencies. Consequently, the hospital has to raise funds through donations to bridge the financial gap between reimbursement and the actual costs of the high-level multidisciplinary rehabilitation services which are provided to all children. In addition, ALYN has to raise 100% of the costs of the hospital’s development budget including equipment, research and special projects.

Your gift to the American Friends of ALYN Hospital will ensure the long-term financial well-being of ALYN so that the hospital can continue to provide best-in-class therapies and remain on the forefront of technology-based solutions.

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For help with your donation, please contact the office: friends@alynus.org, 212-869-8085.

With your gift, ALYN can continue to provide innovative, individualized and best-in-class pediatric rehabilitation.

Mark life events with a special tribute card featuring beautiful artwork created by a child in ALYN’s art therapy class. 

Our giving opportunities are as specialized as ALYN Hospital’s rehabilitation treatments.

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